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Dissington Hall successfully leads a group application under the Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Gill and I are very excited to be able to tell all our tenants that we have not only secured major grant funding from the Government but have now installed dedicated Fibre optic cables directly into and around the building!

The connection is capable of One Gigabit = 1000Mbps and now delivers Ultrafast Broadband right to every desk in the building with download and upload speeds of 300Mbps.

This is the news we have been fighting for more than a decade (we installed the required pipe work in the grounds of Dissington in 2006.) Now with the help of Rymote Ltd,  iNorthumberland (Northumberland County Council) and Guy Opperman our local MP we are there. After benefiting greatly from a similar scheme in 2013 we were amazed to be one of the few bidders in Northumberland this time round.

Not only have we got a Gigabit Fibre connection but we have bought a further 5 Cisco switches around the building all linked in a ring with an internal Fibre optic cable.

Central to this new network is enhanced internet security hardware and software which may well prove to be just as important as the speeds. We have upgraded the WiFi signal in the meeting rooms and reception areas.

Michael Brown 2020

Rymote Ltd http://www.rymote.com/ have worked with Dave Sedgwick (Ion Ltd); cabling contractors; and ourselves over the last year to do all  the design and installation.


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